Chris Jolliffe September 27, 2 Comments. Given that gamers can spend hours and hours on their rigs, this is important. On the outside, there is a swivelling system that allows the ear cups to tilt up and down. We’ve done tests recording our voice and we even used it to record voice-overs for some videos, and the quality is also superb. At this price point the sound quality is really great. The Ear Force Z22 also have a microphone boom too, which can be folded up if you’re not using it. They’re very good at reproducing everything from explosions to speech.

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This latest Turtle Beach headset has the major bases well covered, but at this price it’s got to contend with QPad’s terrific QH This will isolate the sound you hear to just that of your game. Although build quality seems fine, the plastic hinges don’t feel like they’d survive being thrown at the screen in anger when you’ve been fragged for the umpteenth time by that son-of-a-toad sniper who refuses to fight like a man.

Alternatively you can bypass the amp and plug straight in to turtle beach ear force z22 PC, media player or phone – but then you’ll miss out on some killer features.

This is brilliant, because it gives control over the output to hardware, rather than needing a software control to adjust sound settings, thus giving easier sound control in games. It’s not enough of a problem to have you forking out the extra cash for the Creative turtle beach ear force z22 though, and you won’t have to put up with a turtle beach ear force z22 hidden microphone either.

Given that gamers can spend hours and hours on their rigs, this is important. The overall comfort and feel of the Turtle Beach Z22 is incredibly shocking. When will we get the second-gen earphones? Even for just a few tuftle of listening to music, the headset sits comfortably while not making you feel as though you have device gripping your head.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 review

Chris Trtle September 27, 2 Comments. One thing we didn’t truly expect of the Z22s was the quality of sound reproduction we got. Now, you can control the audio from turtle beach ear force z22 your inputs, plus change the volume for your microphone and control bass and treble. New Apple AirPods 2: This is to allows for the ear cups to easily adapt to the size and shape of your head.

The fabrics are comfortable, but they feel hard-wearing too.

Sound quality was great no matter what we did, but with the addition of bass and treble controls on the USB breakout box we could adjust good sound to even more suit our personal taste. Turtle beach ear force z22 the time you’re reading this there’ll probably be even more, so it’s hardly surprising that the ‘new’ Ear Force Z22 eaf a dead ringer for the existing PX This is the holy grail of headphones, because it’s hard to balance all three successfully.

Comfort and design Headphones need to be comfortable for long use, and it seems Turtle Beach has got this covered in the Ear Force Z We switch to the back of the packaging, where we turtle beach ear force z22 out that the Turtle Beach Z22 is an official headset of Major League Gaming. But its real party piece is that box of tricks hanging halfway down the cable.

Whether set to low or high gain, vocals sound crisp and close with minimal background interference. Review Overview Product Build.

If we had to be picky, perhaps we wouldn’t design the volume and control box in quite the rurtle that Turtle Beach has, froce we’re honestly grasping there because everything works brilliantly, and having inputs here for smartphones and music turtle beach ear force z22 with their own controls is amazing.

On one end of the amplifier, you connect all your audio inputs which could be your phone or mp3 player and then connect the headset into the 3.

With a relatively affordable price point, what turtle beach ear force z22 the Ear Force Z22 do for our lives and are they’re worth buying? Considering how expensive headphones can be, this Turtle Beach package is remarkable. For Comfy for long periods Adjustable mic In-line amplifier Good mic quality. If we were to take a look inside those ear cups we would find a 50mm speaker in each one.

Turtle Beach Earforce Z22 & Z60 Amplified PC Gaming Headset Review | Technology X

utrtle We’ve been wearing these cans all day, on a regular basis, and we’re blown away by the level of comfort. You can even adjust the volume of your microphone monitor, chat and game with this small, turtle beach ear force z22 powerful amplifier. The amp also lifts audio quality from whatever your soundcard can muster to a level where you’d be hard-pressed to tell the performance apart from the far pricier EVO Zx.

You just need to connect it with a cable, and you’re good to go. We’ve done tests recording our voice and we even used it to record voice-overs for some videos, and the quality is also superb.