Or is it more of a, “once it works, it always works” type of thing? The last time I tested all my drivers side by side I hit 20 balls with each club and only recorded the 10 fastest swing speeds with each. By Stevieb , Wednesday at Entering a search date will limit results to show clubs added after the supplied date. Ping respects the game over greed and profit.

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A club swung at that kind of speed would not be conforming after impact. We’d love to have you!

Posted November 21, The Hibore Ot stands on both lists. Are you relatively new to the game? Spaces do matter e. The Condition only covers driver heads.

Is it possible cconforming in a couple years, my driver will be non-conforming? R&a list of non conforming back of the club also has a circular weight insert.

By SteviebWednesday at The popup will be closed in 10 seconds The last time I tested all my drivers side by side I hit 20 balls with each r&s and only recorded the 10 fastest swing speeds with each. Sign up for a new account in our community. The “r7” or the “R9”?

United States Golf Association | Conforming Golf Clubs

So think I will grab that tomorrow and stick with what R&a list of non conforming have for now. This test needs to be performed again and under a variety of conditions but the results are pretty amazing. On its sole, the Tourstage V possesses a curved line and a triangle logo for identification purposes. A link to an image of each driver included on this list is available through the searchable online database by clicking the ‘View Photo’ link.

Obviously I was referring to that, I know what went down, and I lost respect for Ping because of it. What exactly is it that makes a driver non-conforming?

What we do

I think the key to getting results from a Non-conforming club is to get your club head speed up there! It is updated by How to Swing a Golf Driver.

Case does not matter e. Until further notice, there will be no expiration date for a clubhead included on the List. Therefore, it should only be used for reference purposes. Administration of the List Similar to the Conforming Golf Ball List, the List of Conforming Driver Heads Condition of Competition is only recommended for use r&a list of non conforming Committees in charge of competitions restricted to highly skilled players including top amateur events.

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Conforming Driver List

I compared conforming and non-conforming drivers side by side and couldn’t tell the difference. My max speed is only attainable at the range when I have been working on my timing for hours at a time. Non-conforming clubs performed as follows: Actually the more logical and sensible interpretation of the data is that PING is not willing to push the limits in research and technology and their clubs perform well under the factor thresholds that determine whether a club is conforming or non-conforming.

However, any driving club r&a list of non conforming a player carries must conform to all other rules pertaining to golf clubs. I used pinnacle exceptions with all clubs. Are you referring to the Ping Eye 2 Square groove r&a list of non conforming

I See that several players stated that they can find no difference in performance between thier conforming and non-conforming clubs